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Why Mobile Advertising APPs



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Mobile Technology 2011


in the time of 

Mobile Smartphones

Smartphones are now out selling Computers and Laptops, & more people spend more time browsing from their Mobile Phones than they do on their computers. Also this group of people spends more money than most any other groups, for items they search for and find on their Mobile Phones. Studies show people are getting more information through the use of APPs than thru the internet. Logically, this makes APPs and Mobile Optimized Websites critical, must-have marketing tools. APPs and Mobile Optimized Websites are used more than your old Standard computer website.

And Mobile Advertising APPs have integrated Opt-in SMS text messaging services built in. This allows you to take advantage of a most important marketing tool PUSH technology. With our Systems you can send YOUR advertisements to YOUR customers who want YOUR products!!! WOW!!! And if you sent them the reminder who do you think they will most likely buy them from? And best of all. This type of Advertising has a 98% open rate. Meaning you know they are seeing YOUR Specials, YOUR Promotions, YOUR ADs! Already in 2011, iPhones, Droids, and other smartphones have out sold computers, & laptops & conventional low-feature cell phones. The use of Apps and Mobile Optimized Websites has become the new standard by which YOUR customers engage with the brands and businesses they patronize. Don’t simply hand over your customers to your competition – just because you fail to recognize how important Mobile Advertising APPs & Mobile Optimized Websites are. Take note: consumers are quickly adapting to new mobile standards, and marketing to your customers is forever changing right before your eyes. Every business, professional, and organization – must have their own Mobile Advertising App & Mobile Optimized Website to compete in today’s highly mobile marketplace. We can help. Mobile Advertising APPs offers an extremely affordable App & Mobile Optimized Website package that will provide you with your very own iPhone APP &  Android APP & a Mobile-enabled Optimized Website that’s accessible to all types of smartphones, as well as desktops, laptops, netbooks, and tablets like the iPad.


Want to

Make More Money


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More New Customers?

We have an APP

for That!



of all marketing is to:


1. Place the



2. In front of the



3. At the 

R I G H T  T I M E!!!


Since the advent of broadcast media, mass marketing has been all about creating the greatest # of advertising contacts & responses at a reasonable cost. 

There are only 3 ways to increase the number of responses from a campaign:

1. Improve the campaign messaging

2. Increase the # of people exposed to that message

3. Target the message as best as possible through selected Media.

Open your

Mobile Advertising APPs


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